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Private Equity


Heritage Finance Holdings (“Heritage”) is a privately owned investment firm that specializes in identifying, researching, and executing investment strategies on behalf of institutional investors and high net worth individuals.


Heritage has assembled a team of multi-disciplined professionals that add value at every step of the investment management process. Our extensive track record as owners, developers, investors and managers of large assets provides an exceptional understanding of the disciplines necessary to successfully deploy equity capital while achieving substantial returns.


Heritage holds major interests in investment categories ranging from real estate to finance and investment services, software and technology, supply logistics, - even casual dining. We employ detailed selection criteria to maximize returns for our shareholders and joint venture partners, and employ a hands-on management approach to realize investment potential in addition to identifying potential assets that are typically undervalued or underperforming.



Venture Capital

Heritage has the available equity capital and professional expertise needed to take underperforming companies and turn them into stronger ones by eliminating inefficiencies in their operations, which increases earnings..


Private Equity

Heritage Private Equity Partners identifies real estate and franchise brand sector investments that consistently generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns for its investors. The depth of our market insight and economic development expertise is the greatest point of differentiation for the firm.



The ease of configuration, customization and extensive scalability attracts Heritage to investments in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space. Emerging cloud-based businesses built on SaaS platforms are the cornerstone of Heritage’s investment strategy in the technology sector



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